Planning Principles and Technologies

Mandala Village and Resort will incorporate the best features of both ancient and modern planning and building technologies for healthy living, environmental sensitivity and sustainability.

A Mix of Uses

Combining residential and commercial elements in one location is the essence of a village.  Providing many of the essential daily working and shopping needs within reasonable walking or biking range of where you live reduces car-dependence, something that is good for the environment, good for health, and provides opportunities for social interaction.


Commercial Mixed-Use and the Reduction of Car Dependence

The trend toward livable and walkable communities depends on providing some of the basic shopping, recreation, and work space needs within walking, biking, or electric golf cart distance.   This is really the essence of what makes a Village. Among the commercial uses the developer envisions are offices, a 120-room resort hotel and conference center, a health food market and restaurant, and a festive retail center that would include a farmer’s market to showcase local organic growers.  A shopping center with a Publix market as well as Walgreens and CVS stores are 5 minutes away by car and the Indian River Mall and Power Center is 10 minutes away.


Ancient and Modern Planning Techniques

The design and development team have taken up the challenge of identifying and incorporating the best aspects of both ancient and modern planning principles based on studying the successful and livable town plans from past centuries as well as the recent trends of New Urbanism.


Maharishi Vastu® Architecture and Town Planning

The Mandala Village and Resort Master Plan incorporates the principles of ancient Vedic Town Planning (Vastu), a tradition that is embedded in the deep understanding of the role that the structuring of physical space plays in creating a coherent and harmonious environment that supports peace, well-being, and happiness.  Ancient town planning was always rooted in a deep spiritual appreciation of the value of community and the physical space that shaped it.  Modern planning has been far too driven by a narrow and purely economic approach, and a failure to embrace the deeper values that are part of creating true community.  Mandala Village and Resort combines both the practical and deeply meaningful aspects of community design. (

The Mandala Village and Resort design team, working in conjunction with certified Maharishi Vastu consultants, is uniquely versed in the knowledge of the principles of Vastu. The Developer believes Mandala Village and Resort is destined to become the most up to date model of progressive community design. Paul H. Ray’s seminal study of the Cultural Creative market group emphasized an interest in an “inner life”, and a sense of connectedness – these are the core values of the Village.


Non-Toxic Healthy Home Construction

Almost everyone is aware of the “sick building syndrome” but this problem has not been met with a serious response from the construction and development industry.  Many common materials used in residential construction are known to create short and long-term health hazards. The Mandala Village and Resort design team brings together leaders in the field of “healthy” construction who have many years of experience using a wide range of non-toxic and low-toxic structural and finish materials and protocols.


Energy Efficiency and Energy Self-Sufficiency

Mandala Village and Resort will be a Net Zero Energy Ready community through the use of energy-efficient construction, energy-efficient in-home technologies, and optional energy generation from integral on-site renewable sources.


Certification Goals

The homes will be designed to be “Green Certified” under the guidelines of the Florida Green Building Coalition (  We are currently exploring adding a number of other certification programs including the Living Building Challenge / Living Community Challenge, and Living Building Net Zero Energy Certification.


Resilient Design

2017 has once again proven that the powerful forces of nature are only ignored with great peril.  In addition to Florida’s building codes, which are among world’s most stringent when it comes to hurricane-resistant design, Mandala Village and Resort will incorporate state of the art protocols and technologies for structural and community-wide resiliency.

Best Management Practices (BMPs – Living Lightly on the Land)

Mandala Village and Resort will be the first non-golf course project in Indian River County to have its own Best Management Practices Guidelines to ensure that good intentions are transformed into best practices that enable home owners to “live lightly on the land.” Mandala Village and Resort’s BMPs are a combination of practices determined to be the most effective and sustainable means for conserving water supplies, improving water quality and protecting natural resources designed to protect our water resources by encouraging water conservation and pollution prevention.

Permaculture and Landscaping

Although Mandala Village and Resort does not have a significant stand-alone area for agriculture the landscape design of the village will rely heavily on sustainable permaculture-based “edible” landscaping.  As we move ahead we plan to consider either working with local organic growers on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) affiliation or purchasing nearby farm land for the same purpose.  Our community store will expand upon an Organic Coop food delivery program we have been involved with for many years.

Future Vehicles

Our community will be a green field community designed for the future with automated, electric shared vehicles available for use by its residents and businesses. To facilitate this there will be charging stations available for residents and the future.  All garages will be pre-wired for electric car chargers.

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