As you enter Mandala Village and Resort from the beautifully landscaped 53rd Street parkway, the long drive along the shore of our east lake will transform you and take you into a new world with its own distinctive and original sense of place, a uniquely settled and peaceful environment.

The essence of Mandala Village and Resort is very simply just what its name implies, a “village”. Villages traditionally welcome a range of residents from different backgrounds and income levels by providing a wide variety of housing options.  Today’s typical subdivision targets a very narrow demographic range, losing the richness that goes hand in hand with variety. 

Mandala Village & Resort

Our residential opportunities Include:

  • 63 Condominiums (900sf to 1100sf)

  • 24 Townhomes (1100sf to 1300sf)

  • 32 Courtyard Cottages (800sf to 1500sf)

  • 49 Mid-Size Single Family Homes (1500sf to 2,600sf)

  • 12 Estate Homes (3,000sf and larger)

  • 16 Rental Apartments (1 Bedroom and Studio Units)


Village Center, Resort and Common Areas


Like traditional villages, Mandala Village and Resort has its own Town Center, a place to gather and meet friends, a place to dine, meditate, relax, play, and enjoy nature.


  • Resort Hotel: The 120-room Mandala Village Hotel will be the first Inland resort hotel in Vero Beach and Indian River County.  A 3.5 acre clear water swimming lagoon with its surrounding sandy beach will provide a unique, safe, and magical water amenity. Only one other hotel in the area has tennis facilities and the two 18-hole courses of the Sandridge Golf Club, one of the finest public golf destinations in the entire state of Florida, is just minutes away. The hotel will include conference facilities and a restaurant. The adjacent health food store and restaurant and festive retail shopping make this hotel an ideal extended stay venue.                                                                    

  • The hotel will be built to the same Vedic Architecture and healthy-building standards as the Village homes and in  combination with the on-site Wellness Center and Spa it will be a unique and ideal conference setting for health-oriented and environmental organizations as well as the perfect destination resort for health-oriented vacationers.  Studies have shown that because of the amenities they provide, resort hotels increase the value of residential neighborhoods that are within walking distance. 

  • Central Square: A place to gather with a stage for small concerts.

  • Pool and Swimming Lagoon: A 75’ long lap swimming pool with possibly a clear water sand-bottom swimming lagoon with its own sandy beach.


  • Village Hall: A place to dine with friends and enjoy a healthy organic menu, to exercise in the fitness center, or simply sit and talk.


  • Wellness Center and Spa: Wellness based on principles of holistic health care will be a major component of Mandala Village and Resort.  It is estimated today that Americans spend almost as much on alternative, holistic medical care as they do on conventional care. This fact is even more significant because these alternative options, unlike their conventional counterparts, are not covered by insurance benefits. The Developer believes the “wellness” orientation will be especially attractive to our home buyers.  The Developer is in discussions with a world-class preventive health care spa and clinic as the wellness cornerstone of the Village community.


  • Meditation and Yoga Pavilion: Having a place to gather in a group for meditation and yoga practice is a unique and essential part of Mandala Village. The pavilion will serve village residents and also be open to the public on a membership basis. 


  • Lifelong Learning: Local and distance education programs will be part of the Mandala Village experience and will either be incorporated into the Meditation and Yoga Pavilion, the Village Hall, or the Wellness and Retreat Center.


  • Shops and Offices: Office space will be available in the walk-to-work village center for residents whose space needs are greater than what can be feasibly provided in-home. Conference and meeting spaces for residents who work in their homes will also be available. The shops will include a sales venue related to the Wellness Center’s products, an art gallery and studio for residents, a small “village store” for minor shopping needs and a pickup and delivery center for an organic food coop.


  • Green Spaces and Nature Amenities: Many small parks in the tradition of Savannah, Georgia are placed throughout the neighborhoods. These parks are designed as gathering spaces and each one will be unique in form and function. These parks are connected by a network of walk streets and paths. We are planning a half mile nature trail around our lake that will include an exercise “Parcours” and a bridge to the small island in the lake. The island will have an amphitheater for concert and public events.

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