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Our Vision

We are unapologetically expansive and idealistic in our vision. We are dedicated to creating Mandala Village as a showcase, the first of a series of “ideal villages” that will be a beacon light for a new paradigm in healthy and sustainable living.
In today’s world, new technologies are liberating us from old ways of doing things. We can live and work where we want. We can honor the earth and its resources and still enjoy comfortable lifestyles. We do not have to compromise the needs of our families nor the values we hold most dear. To this end, we have re-evaluated our home designs and commercial center to make working from home easier than ever before.
As developers, we are idealists—but we are also pragmatists. Looking forward, we have identified an emerging and significant demographic of early adopters who are making decisions based on their core values.


For these progressive homeowners, we have designed a village that is not only beautiful but harmonizes with the deepest, most nourishing principles governing the natural and built environment. A place where time-tested design principles silence the din of the modern world and create a sense of peace. An abundance of parks and play areas for children, and gardens with fruit for picking from the trees. Indoor and outdoor gathering places to strengthen community ties. A wellness clinic so that healthy living is embedded in the way of life, with a health food grocery store and festive, artisanal shopping within walking distance. Spaces to learn, create, and re-create. A community vibrant and stimulating but steeped in silence and meditation.

In his timely book Enlightened Real Estate, real estate expert Barry Scherr writes:

We are presently in the midst of one of the greatest transformations in the history of human culture. The simultaneous rise of technological breakthroughs and world consciousness is unprecedented. Old ways of thinking are being swept away. Power structures that dominated for decades are crumbling. New opportunities are arising. People everywhere are questioning how to navigate this new paradigm.

As consciousness rises, a new lifestyle will emerge and real estate will regain its traditional role as a stabilizing structure in society. Rising interest in walkable zones, alternative energy, meditation, yoga, and organic food are the first signs of this transformation that is revolutionizing the way we live.

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